The iKen D&T Lab is an innovation that facilitates CSIS with the best way of getting students to learn science by testing out scientific theories in a practical space with experiments, problem solving and project based activities being the crux of learning. Complementing the existing school lab, the iKen D&T Lab is a perfect education supplement that provides student a practical learning experience through hands-on activities in Science and Technology. These activities are aligned to the concepts taught in school. The iKen D&T Lab also exposes students to resources, tools, kits and activities that are otherwise difficult for the schools to provide.


  •  India's first Activity based learning lab for schools by iKen
  •  A futuristic learning Lab for students of classes 4 and above.
  • Offers more than 250 activities across science and technology
  • A perfect combination of participative and practical learning
  •  Encourages the student to explore, develop and apply scientific ideas and concepts through activities

Benefits to Students

  • Develops investigative and logical thinking abilities of the student
  • Learn science in an entertaining way
  • Helps them discover the genius within
  • Students start to relate the concepts learnt and models made with the world around them
  • Nurtures natural curiosity and creativity


  •  We have a very good collection on a variety of books on Science, G.K., Aptitude, Fiction, History. The books Chandamama, Tinkle, Champak, Wisdom and Amarachitra katha are available. Story books, magazines, comics, etc., are also a part of reading for students of various age groups.


  • Safety of the children and a comfortable journey are the motivating factors of our excellent transport facility.
  • We have also introduced GPS Technology which tracks all vehicles through the day. This device maintains a record of the location, speed and time of the vehicle, which can be referred to when necessary.